This large detached Victorian house in Oxton, which has been converted into self contained falts. Each flat is let fully furnished with its own lounge, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Carrigeen also has laundry facilities, automatic fire alarm, CCTV system, security lighting and door entry intercoms.

Carrigeen is accommodation where tenants can choose to live permanently or for a shorter period before going onto even greater independence with the community. Carrigeen is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Carrigeen has full 24 hour security monitoring, 24 hour access to staff and a 24 hour maintenance call out facility. We also provide a 24 hour call out facility for tenants if they are having a problem away from their accommodation. Along with support and transport for medical and other appointments.

We operate an on-call system to all our properties, anytime of the day and night. This can be used either to provide back-up staffing or help out if a tenant is having a problem giving peace of mind 24 hours a day. We invest considerably in staff training and development through a range of in house training as well as externally run courses and conferences.

Staff are our most important asset and training and good quality support and management is our primary means of ensuring excellence.

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